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25 July 2010

Welcome to ThatNewGame

First and foremost, thank you for visiting ThatNewGame. I hope that you will enjoy the blog as much as I will writing it.

ThatNewGame is the blog of board, card, and pen-and-paper games I currently have in development. This blog is here to 1) provide news about these games in development; 2) provide in-progress materials for playtesting; and 3) provide a platform for playtesters to give feedback. This blog will also be a launch pad for other game ideas that I may have, but not ready to develop quite yet.

As for the reason of creating ThatNewGame, it's quite simple. I believe that gaming has become more and more of an open-source affair. Development has become far more transparent than before given the advances in the Internet. I also believe that gaming, in general, has the power to bring people together, even (and sometimes especially) in hard times. The synthesis of open game development along with the fundamental social value of gaming is what makes ThatNewGame special to me. Hopefully, you will share in that vision, or at least enjoy the product of such synthesis.

J. S. Cervini

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