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28 August 2010

Pause // Playtest Rules 0.4

Updated playtest rules!

  • Character Creation
    • Added a section on creating a character's concept
  • Domains
    • Down from 10 Domains to 7 Domains
    • Domain scores are re-interpreted
    • Domain uses are re-interpreted
    • Examples now in priority of target number
  • Anchors
    • Weapon mode is now as flexible as tool mode
  • Damage
    • Got rid of composite damage (Light+Moderate, etc.)
  • Personal Time Recovery
    • Got rid of the excess ET dice rule
  • Breaks
    • New appendix with a better description of them
  • Aberrations
    • Got rid of the particular examples
    • Improved Aberration generation in its appendix
  • Character Sheets
    • Changed them to reflect the rule changes

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