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16 January 2011

Action: A Mix-and-Match Roleplaying Card Game

Easing a bit off of the Pause train for now to present to you an easy-to-learn card game.

Action! is a roleplaying card game for four to ten players. One player assumes the role of the Director, who chooses a Genre for the other players, who assume the role of the Actors, to play out a scene in. Each Actor has a Character archetype and a primary Attitude to use while playing out the scene. The Director can choose to CUT! an Actor from the scene, after which the role of Director goes to the left and a new scene begins, with all new Genres, Characters, and Attitudes to go with it.

The complete rules and cards can be found here.

Please note that when printing out the file, print it out double-sided so that the cards' obverse and reverse match to cut them out with ease.

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